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26 Oct 2019
Lawn Maintainance

3 Hacks to Make Your Lawn Look Better

Analyzing the condition of the lawn is how most people form a first impression about the inhabitants of a house. It’s the first thing your guests notice when they visit your place and what your neighbors see each morning when they step out of their house. An unkempt and untidy lawn makes a poor impression and reflects badly on you.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your lawn’s appearance.

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27 Sep 2019
Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Tips for Kansas Residents

It’s no secret that the Sunflower State looks absolutely radiant in the fall. Resplendent in its rustic colors and charm, the state from Kansas City to Topeka and from Lawrence to Hutchinson is awash with hues of gold and red, orange and brown. And while all of this is all very pretty to look at, owners of lawns know that the beauty of it is only the surface. The work that goes into beautifying the state, the dedication and tools and professional expertise—that’s something Kansas residents are well-acquainted with.

And if you think you can’t care for your Kansas lawn in the fall, don’t let your spirit fall—because we’ve got just the tips and tricks you need!

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