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Here at Sutton Lawn and More we love a well striped lawn. That’s why Sutton Lawn and More provides quality lawn care service as an insured local expert here in Hutchinson, KS. As lawn care professionals Sutton Lawn and More provides recurring plans to cover your needs all season long, whether that be weekly or bi-weekly. From lawn care services to aeration and maintenance, we are a team of lawn care professionals ready to serve you right here in Hutchinson, KS. Our rates are based on fair market pricing and we guarantee full satisfaction with every service. We take pride in every lawn we service and make it our priority to do a quality job.

Sutton Lawn and More provides aeration services. Aeration is the perforating of your yard with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to infiltrate to the roots of your grass. Aeration is a good idea for your yard if it gets heavy use, dries out easily, or has a thick layer of thatch. The best time for your grass to be aerated is during its growing season so it is able to heal itself. Aeration can be very beneficial and help you achieve a beautiful lawn.

When it comes to regular lawn care, the first thing Sutton Lawn and More will do is to survey your land and make a plan on how to properly conquer the job. And if desired, Sutton Lawn and More will give you recommendations on what your lawn needs. We will then start mowing your lawn to the appropriate length. Following the mowing, Sutton Lawn and More will then trim anything we couldn't reach with the mower, such as, around trees, buildings, and other lawn decorations.

After the weed eating is finished, Sutton Lawn and More will edge around any of your sidewalks. Edging prevents grass from growing over your sidewalks. If appropriate we may edge around your flower beds, which will create a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering. It also gives your lawn a freshly manicured appearance, boosts curb appeal, and adds quality to your landscape without spending a lot of money.

Once all the heavy work is done Sutton Lawn and More will go back over your driveway and sidewalks with a blower to drive all the lawn clippings off of the concrete. This finishes the look for your now beautiful lawn. Sutton Lawn and More always provides excellent service and can assist you in achieving your dream yard.

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