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Having a nice lawn is vital to making a good first impression of your home as soon as people pull into your driveway. The first step to a beautiful yard is planting the seeds! At Sutton Lawn and More we can help you choose the right seed for your soil and the optimal time to plant it. We can give you your dream yard with our lawn planting and fertilization services in Hutchinson.

The first thing Sutton Lawn and more will do as part of our lawn planting services is prepare your yard for planting. There may be a buildup of thatch that requires removal for the best, most productive seed growth. Depending on the circumstance your yard may also be treated for weeds beforehand so that they don't sprout up at the same time your grass does. Scalping your grass would typically be a big no-no, however the one time we may scalp your lawn is when over seeding a lawn. The scalping allows for better soil exposure. Soil exposure, in turn, leads to a lush and thick lawn.

There are different times of a year that various types of grasses should be planted. This will depend on whether it is a warm-season or cool-season grass. Being in Hutchinson kansas gives us the option of choosing almost any of the cool-season or warm-season grasses! We can help you decide on which one will be best for you and your yard.

We also providelawn fertilizing services in Hutchinson. In order for your lawn to be healthy and grow to its full potential it needs to be regularly fertilized. Fertilizer gives plants the phosphorous, nitrate, and potassium they need, essentially feeding your plants. Fertilizer is just as important to plant life as sunshine or water is. How often and when it needs to be fertilized will depend on what kind of grass is in your lawn. The appropriate lawn fertilizer will give the grass the essential nutrients that will help it grow strong and handle environmental stresses, such as weeds and pests, well. Most yards need to be fertilized twice a year to be at its healthiest.

Whether you just need a few patches of dead grass fixed, some seeding on bare soil done, a full lawn remodel, or a fertilizing job done, Sutton Lawn and More can help you accomplish your landscaping goals. Contact Sutton Lawn and More—your quality Hutchinson, Kansas lawn care provider.

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