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When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with the best in the business! Our landscaping and maintenance services are unparalleled in Hutchison, KS.


If you’re looking to beautify your property, look no further. We offer landscaping services, following a thorough evaluation of your property and soil. We ensure to meet all your expectations. With our help, you can get the garden of your dreams.


With our maintenance services, you can rest assured your lawn will be looking fantastic, come spring or fall! Our services include mowing, bed weeding, leaf cleanups, gutter clean outs, tree-shrub trimming, aeration, and more.

Spring and Fall Leaf Cleanups

It’s normal for leaves to shed in fall and sometimes in spring too. The risk of shedding leaves is that they can smother healthy grass and plants, which is why Sutton Lawn and More offers cleanup services for your convenience.

Gutter Clean Outs

Clogged gutters and drains can lead to overflowing pipes and spillage of waste and rainwater. Call us to clean out your drains and gutters which get clogged with debris, twigs and leaves.

Tree shrub trimming

Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed so they can grow healthy, in shape and stay strong. It’s also important to do in order to maintain your landscape.


For large lawns and gardens, it’s difficult to maintain the landscape without professional help. We offer mowing services on a weekly basis to keep your lawn looking clean and sharp.

Bed Weeding

Let your flower beds bloom and blossom in peace; make sure to call us in for bed weeding. Otherwise weeds will absorb nutrients meant for your plants.

Planting and Removal

Whether you need us to plant or remove trees, flowers and other plants, our services cover it all. We know exactly how to plant specific breeds and types, and to safely remove trees up to twenty feet, and plants that have grown sick, disruptive or are susceptible to damage.


What You Gain:

  Hassle-free maintenance
  Scheduled, regular work
 Highly experienced service providers
  Quality products
  Beautiful lawns and landscapes

We have been in the business since 2017 and are a certified landscaping business.

We provide clients with a range of services related to maintenance and landscaping.

Your lawn is our business. Once you sign up with us, you’ll be scheduled in for weekly maintenance!