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Sutton Lawn and More is a local business that provides skillfultree and shrub trimming in Hutchinson. Sutton Lawn and More wants to advance the performance of the trees, shrubs, and grass in your yard, and around the whole Hutchinson area. As an experienced lawn care company we understand all the hassles and difficulties that come with keeping up with your rapidly growing trees and shrubs. Whether the tree next to your home is a bit out of whack or your shrubs are growing over your sidewalk, we have it covered.Sutton Lawn and More is here to make it all inconvenience-free and keep your lawn looking better than ever.

We know that trimming and pruning your shrubs can be an intimidating task. Don't take the risk of possibly damaging your plants, or maybe worse yet, totally neglecting your shrub until they are overrun and wiry. Trimming your shrubs is a way to make them look healthy and retain a desirable shape, making the overall look of your yard much more appealing. Sutton Lawn and More is capable of improving your lawn by doing corrective pruning, tree elevating, and shrub trimming.

Corrective pruning is the pruning of a shrub that has become so overgrown that the growth becomes a danger to itself or the surrounding structures. Hopefully you can catch it before then, but if not, we can handle it!

Tree elevating is the trimming of the lowest branches on a tree to have more clearance and eradicate low-hanging branches. This provides exceptional space for mowing the underneath vegetation.

Shrub trimming keeps shrubs in an appealing shape while also promoting new growth and more flowers. This creates an overall much healthier and stronger plant. Not every plant has the same needs and can be trimmed in the same way though. You can trust Sutton Lawn and Mores’ experts to take care of each individual plant, giving it the care it needs!

Over the last couple years we have developed a team of proficient and trained professionals that have background in both commercial and residential work. You can place your trust in our team here at Sutton Lawn and More to give you high quality work. Sutton Lawn and More works hard to be one of the best tree and shrub trimming companies in the Hutchinson, KS area.

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